Pharmacovigilance and medical information

For any request for medical information or to report an undesirable effect following the use of a medicine which the operator is H2 PHARMA, please contact our service of Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information:

In case of emergency, please contact: +33 (0) 6 07 52 08 53

The declaration form is part of a pharmacovigilance process whose the purpose is minoriting, evaluating, preventing and managing the risk of adverse effects resulting from the use of the drugs and products mentioned in Article L-5121- 1 of the Public Health Code.
A declaration form is also available on the ANSM website, under “report an adverse reaction“.

Since March 13, 2017, health professionals or users can report with a few clicks to the health authorities any adverse event on the site, including adverse effects, incidents or risks of incidents related to the products of health.

According to articles R.5144.19 and R.5132-99, we remind you that:

You will find the coordinates of these centers on the ANSM website.

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