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Conditions of use of the site

The access and use of Internet users is subject to the following conditions of use and applicable laws. The consultation implies the implicit acceptance of the observance of the next conditions of use :

H2 PHARMA will review the possibility, account of the evolutions of the internet and the applicable legislation, at any time and without prior notification, of:

  1. Modify, by addition or withdrawal, or supplement by special conditions, these conditions of use;
  2. Modify, make modify, clear or make clear the informations on this site.

Access and availability of the site

The liability of H2 PHARMA can not be engaged in case of defects that may lead to the temporary or permanent unavailability of the site or technical unavailability of connection that is due in particular and without this being a limitation, to a case of force majeure, maintenance, improvement, modification of the site, intervention of the host, network failure, improper configuration or use of the computer by the user or any other type of suspension or interruption of the site.

Hypertext links

This site contains links to third party sites on the Internet. The purpose of these links is to facilitate research and to point to sites that may provide additional information. However, H2 PHARMA, because of the volatile nature of the information on Internet and the fact that H2 PHARMA does not control the content of the redirect sites, can not be held responsible for the content of these sites or any direct or indirect damage because of the use of third party sites to which the user would have access via the site

Content of the site and responsibilities

The informations provided by H2 PHARMA via this site is “as is” and for purely informative purposes. H2 PHARMA endeavors to include information that is reliable, up-to-date, exhaustive, relevant, lawful and in compliance with the regulations in force, but can not give any guarantee in this regard and declines all liability, as authorized by law, in case errors or omissions in the content of this site.

This site may contain informations relating to public health, opinions expressed by experts, extract from press articles. This information can not be used in any way to replace the opinion of a health specialist, make a diagnostic or determine a treatment. Moreover, H2 PHARMA can not be held responsible for the content of opinions, thought or writing articles or informations contained in these opinions, thought or articles that can not be interpreted as representing the opinion or responsibility of H2 PHARMA.

The user acknowledges that he makes use under his only responsibility of the information on the site or obtained via a hypertext link and agrees to comply with the regulations in force during its use.

H2 PHARMA’s liability, even in the case where it has been notified, can not be held liable for any prejudice, direct or indirect, whatever the causes, origins, nature or consequences, resulting, without limitation, (I) access (or not) to the site, (II) its use on the user’s computer equipment (viruses, deteriorations, etc.), (III) credit granted to all or part of the information on this site.

The user commited to behave correctly and to make comments that can not be contrary, in particular, to the regulations in effect, to ethics or infringing copyrights or third parties, under penalty of having his liability incurred and to be excluded from the use of the site by H2 PHARMA.

Intellectual property

This site is an institutional site operated by H2 PHARMA. All of its content, including logos, trademarks, domain names, texts, drawings, presentations, illustrations, photographs, slogans, pictures, videos, as well as any work integrated in the site, except public documents, are the exclusive property of H2 PHARMA or third parties having authorized H2 PHARMA to use them.

In accordance with Article L.122.4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, all representations, reproductions, interlinings, broadcasts and rebroadcasts, partial or total, are prohibited without the prior authorization of H2 PHARMA’s Management. Otherwise, any unauthorized use will be considered a forgery offense punishable, among others, the penalties provided for in Articles L.335-2 of the Code.

Permitted Uses (for non-commercial purposes and without modification or alteration of the reproduced materials) shall include copyright and property information of H2 PHARMA (Copyright © 2019, all rights reserved.)

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