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For 15 years, H2 Pharma (formerly Aerocid) has been specialising in the production of "non steriles liquids" (syrups, oral solutions, mouthwashes) and has been demonstrating its know-how in developing, under the control of H3Santé, the most important solutions generic products of the last years. The plant of Cachan was not able to handle huge volumes of the generics being developed. The decision to build completely new production facilities was taken in October 2006 and the construction started at the beginning of 2007. The design specifications for this 9000m² factory was complex, with four fundamental principles:
  • Simplicity in pharmaceutical inflows and outflows
  • Maximum separation between pharmaceutical and technical equipment
  • Ultra-automation and dedicated production lines
  • Scalability of the plan
  • The complete construction (from the ground preparation to the connections of the production line) was finished in only fifteen months, from July 2007 to October 2008.
    System cleaning and system certification lasted until March 2009 and production started the second of April 2009.
    In 2008, The Cachan site produced 15 million bottles. The Bois d'Arcy site produced 15 million bottles during the last 9 months of 2009. This figure should be 25 million in 2010 and 35 million in 2011.