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H2 Pharma in France is specialised in the manufacture of ''non sterile liquid'' forms. Our main products are divided into three categories:
<li>Syrups and oral solutions: for example, Carbocistein or Oxomemazine</li>
<li>Solutions for external use: mouthwash. Our factory has the peculiarity of having flameproof workshops which are able to produce the alcohol high content medicines</li>
<li>Oral suspensions: like sodium alginate</li>
Each of these products are manufactured in one of our 12 production tanks whose the capacity allows us to offer several batch sizes from 1,000L up to 10,000L.The conditioning in glass or PET bottles is doing by a non-stop flow from the manufacturing tanks (without intermediate storage) followed by the sealing of plastic capsule and the automatic setting down of the measuring devices (cup, measure spoon, pipette). The six ultra automated conditioning lines (until the unpacking system to the palletizer) are allocated according to the bottle size:
Line 1: Liquid bags by pack of 20 (Duphalac type)
Line 2: PET bottle multi-size (90ml to 500ml)
Line 3: 150ml glass bottle
Line 4: Glass Bottle multi-size (200ml, 250ml and 300ml)
Line 5: 90ml PET Bottle
Line 6: Glass bottle multi-size (30ml to 180ml)